Back when we started The Dublin Story Slam, a year ago, it was always the dream to one day share these stories with brand new audiences through the medium of Podcast. Well, that day will soon be here.

On June 25th, we'll be launching our inaugural first season of The Dublin Story Slam Podcast. Every month, myself & Colm will bring you three standout stories from our monthly Story Slams. We've already listened back to over a hundred of them and have carefully chosen which stories bring a smile, which ones bring a tear, which stories make you gasp in shock and which ones make you make you laugh out loud. These weren't always the top scoring stories of the night and not all of them even won. What we think they do though is bring you, the listener, to a place where hopefully you've never been before but somewhere you'll want to visit every month.

To get a taste of what we're talking about, check out this trailer episode on iTunes & Stitcher, like & subscribe and spread the word to anyone you think enjoys a good story. In the meantime, make sure to grab your tickets for the launch that are on sale now. If you'd like to share some of your own inner truths, just e.mail us at and we'll talk you through how to share your own story onstage. The theme this month is one that's a very precious commodity in Ireland these days.
It's Truth