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How to tell a story.

  1. Prepare a personal true story that's between 4 & 7 minutes long inspired by this month's theme. Remember no notes allowed onstage.

  2. There's a million ways to tell a story but the good ones always seem to have:

  • a good beginning - something that will capture the audience's attention from the start. Don't worry too much about introductions and the small talk - get to the good stuff from the start.

  • some kind of stakes - stakes are what you, the hero, stand to gain or loose by the end of the story. If it's just a story where nothing important happens to you, then perhaps save it for another day. However if you feel that you or your world changes by the end of it then we'd love to hear from you. Stakes make us care about what happens to you and the keep the audience listening from start to finish.

  • a good ending that leaves us wanting more. Sometimes it's ok if we don't find out what happened to everybody else after the main event. Leave us yearning for more and another story from you in the not too distant future.

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How it Works

There's two ways to sign up:

Sign up in advance to secure your spot. Simply e.mail us the first line of your story to and the first 4 entries will automatically be selected to share their story onstage.

Sign up on the night. We'll pick 4 more names at random from the hat. Remember if we have more than 8 entries, there's a chance you won't get to tell your story so if you're sure of it, sign up in advance.

After you've told your story, three teams of Judges selected from the audience will score each participant based on the story itself, how well it was told & how it fits the theme. The overall winner then goes on to compete with 7 other Story Slam winners at our Grand Slam in 2020 which last year took place at The Abbey Theatre.


Why TEll A Story

As well as the buzz & the triumph of doing something scary, you also become part of a very special community that continues to grow each month. However the first 8 people who sign up to tell a story, also get in for free and get in first as long as you're there before doors open at 7pm. Storytellers also get a free professionally recorded digital copy of their story upon request & the chance to be included in a monthly Podcast we're currently developing for 2018. The Winner goes on to tell a brand new story at the Grand Slam at the Abbey Theatre in 2018, a special Dublin Story Slam Winner's Certificate AND our Winner's Mug so you can subtly share your overwhelming glory with all your family & friends.