The Dublin Story Slam is produced by Julien Clancy & hosted monthly by Colm O'Regan. The Dublin Story Slam started off as The Moth Story Slam back in 2014. Having learned so much from working with one of the World's leading Storytelling organisations, The Dublin Story Slam was born in May 2017.  From the very start we were passionate about creating a Dublin space where people from all kinds of backgrounds can get together to share & listen to stories. We believe in the power of storytelling, the healing power, the bonding power and the lasting power of stories that can stun a room of 200 people into complete silence and then cause it to erupt into laughter and applause, one minute later.  However we also believe in the power of listening. It's incredible to witness the impact a receptive and warm audience can have on a nervous first time storyteller and watch how more confident and relaxed they become as they realise that the audience really wants to hear their story.  It's this unique relationship between storyteller & audience that makes The Dublin Story Slam such a unique space for stories. Since May, every night has sold out in advance including our Grand Slam event at The Abbey Theatre where the very first Dublin Story Grand Slam Champion was named. Since then we've been continuing to sell out shows, hosting & recording stories that we are carefully gathering for a future monthly Podcast that will be released in 2018.

In the past we've worked with the Tiger Fringe Festival, St. Patrick's Day Festival as well as First Fortnight Festival. However, we're also keen to hear from different Dublin groups & organisations who work with people who's voices need to be heard. If you work with a Charity Organisation or Not for Profit, please do get in contact to learn more about our community out reach programme that we are currently developing. 


Colm O'Regan


Comedian, columnist and broadcaster,  Colm has been hosting storytelling nights with The Moth & The Dublin Story Slam since 2014. He writes a weekly column for the Irish Examiner and has performed all over the world on RTÉ’s Late Late Show and on Comedy Central. 

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Julien Clancy


is a radio producer who has made documentaries and radio series for local & National Radio. He has been producing and running The Dublin Story Slam & The Moth Story Slam since 2014 and is responsible for the running of the series .